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Previous Events 

2019 - Future To Go?

For another year TEDxMünster was held in the theatre and the evening went way too fast. It sold out early! The theme ‘Future to go? was inspired by the German disposable coffee cup ‘to go’ and what would any discussion on the future be without climate change? Carla Reemstsma, a local Friday For Future activist, Laura Gatti, a specialist in green cities, Thomas Bartoscheck, developer of the ‘sense box’ for citizens to collect climate data, Max Volhard, a scientist working on biodegradable plastic, Thobias Sudhoff, a sustainable food chef all gave their views. Johann Butting, Max Kops, David Middelbeck and Alessandro Crimi, talked about digitalization and new ways of working, financing, learning or socialising. We were also entertained by Bridget Fonkeu and her experience with immigration, Koen Schobbers, a professional in e-sports and Sara Espinoza, a researcher on UV radiation and nanotechnology for cancer patients. 7 Miles Music band, Martin Mall, entertainer and the moderators Christoph Salzig and Wiebke Borgers provided some pauses between the thinking on talks.

2018 - Discover the Unknown

For the first time, TEDxMünster was held in the theatre and the number of guests more than doubled to 850. Sold out! The theme ‘Discover the Unknown’ covered a range of topics from female Imams, how to cope with going broke to discovering an unknown Nazi past in the family to changing a business model to save a fly. There were ten talks and two music acts over the course of a very entertaining and inspiring evening. 

Speakers: Dorothée Loorbach, Marian Grau, Atilla Gum / Natalie Deewan (with sign language interpreter Sheyla Perez), Thabet Azzawi (music), Anas Alhakim, Christian Weinheimer, Nora Hespers / Stephanie Borgert, Campbell Wilson, Looking for Ella (music), Sherin Khankan, Dirk von Gehlen, Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus.

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Dorothée Loorbach
Marian Grau
Thabet Azzawi (Musik)
Anas Alhakim
Christian Weinheimer
Nora Hespers / Stephanie Borgert
Campbell Wilson

Suche nach Ella (Musik)

Sherin Khankan
Dirk von Gehlen
Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus

Atilla Gum / Natalie Deewan (mit Gebärdensprachdolmetscherin Sheyla Perez)


2017 - Zeitenwende

During our most recent event, TEDxMünster invited over 350 guests to the castle of Münster on September 27th 2017. The theme Zeitenwende assembled 10 speakers and artists from different backgrounds talking about change in their respective fields.
Speakers: Nicholas Müller, Guido Ritter, Wieland Stolenzburg, Sarai Pahla, Anna Stumpf, Hamed AlHamed, Iris Proff, Malumbo Chipofya, Ralf Heller and Patrick Richardt (music act).

All the talks on this playlist

2016 - Re-Start

ImOn September 30th 2016, TEDx Münster got even bigger: Some 400 participants listened to 10 talks at Münster Castle following the theme “(Re)Start”. Once more, a broad variety of ideas regarding different topics such as art, urban planning, technology, refugees, economics and design were brought on stage.

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